Los especialistas del aparejo de Superyacht aparejaron los 66m Dubois, Ahimsa (por ejemplo Aglaia) vino a Marlow para ayudar a resolver ediciones de las fuerzas que se oponían y la flexión cíclica frecuente de los cabrestantes cautivos que creaba el resbalón de cubierta en las cuerdas existentes.

The excess and baggy cover resulted in damage to the ropes as well as hampering the smooth running of the winches.  In addition, very high loads combined with a 3:1 factor of safety caused issues with rope diameter limitations from winches and deck gear.

Our Technical Sales and Engineering Teams worked closely with the riggers to specify and manufacture a rope that solved these issues within the timescales resulting in custom made ropes that met the tough application demands and the high expectations of the owner.

 Contact our technical department for more information or if you have a specific project.

detalles del proyecto
Icap Leopard Bloodhound SSC
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