Sales & Marketing

UK and Export sales and business development in many different market sectors


Mantenimiento de la fábrica y del sitio y ingeniería de producción


Machine, splicing and warehouse operatives  on day and night shifts


Finanzas, cuentas de gestión y control de crédito en dos negocios

Servicio al cliente

Sales, service and administration for 1000's of customers around the world

R&D & Quality

Technical and production development, testing, R&D and quality control

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We are regularly looking for bright, tenacious and hardworking people to join our team in a range of different opportunities


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Marlow Ropes are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialist fibre ropes. Our rope making roots in the local community go back over 200 years and we are proud to still be manufacturing on the same site as our forebears did. 

We have earned a reputation around the world for innovation, performance and quality and we work hard to maintain this. Our factory in Hailsham, East Sussex in the UK employs around 70 people in production, logistics, sales, marketing, technical, accounts and administration. We also have a sales and distribution office in Plymouth Massachusetts in the USA employing 6 people.  In addition, we are part of a larger family owned group, with UK other manufacturing and distribution sites in Malvern, Heywood and Telford.  

We believe in doing things better, and are always on the lookout for new talent to help us push our Company forward. If you would like to join our team send us your CV. Alternatively, apply for the specific roles advertised below
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