Empaque y Reciclaje

Marlow is an eco-conscious manufacturer and we take pride in using packaging materials that can be reused, repurposed or recycled in line with our environmental objectives and mission to reduce waste destined for landfill or the oceans.

All our packaging components can be disposed of responsibly.  

The following packaging components used to protect our products or safely transport them on pallets are categorised according to the recycling codes below.  We encourage and urge all our customers to reuse, repurpose or recycle as follows:

  • Reels: Made either from Cardboard/Steel, Plywood/Steel, or 100% Plywood.  All types can be re-used, repurposed or recycled.

  • Shrinkwrap (clear or black): Recycle as No 4 LDPE (Low density Polyethylene) 

  • Green pallet strapping: Recycle as No 1 PETE (Polyethylene terephthalate) 

  • Wooden pallet: Reuse if possible, recycle in wooden waste 

  • Cardboard boxes: Reuse if possible, recycle in cardboard waste 

  • All our brown board packaging is FSC certified and can be recycled in cardboard waste.  This includes our Blue Ocean Dockline boxes, Draco lowering lines and Arborist climbing line boxes. 

  • Todascard headers can be recycled in cardboard/paper waste.

  • In 2020, all plastic tube packaging that is currently used to protect Leisure Marine small accessories and Arboriculture small cords is being switched over to a 100% recyclable polyethylene material made from sugar cane starch waste.  This can be recycled as No 4 LDPE (Low density Polyethylene)

  • Catalogues & brochures are printed on uncoated FSC certified paper and can be recycled in paper waste after the staples have been removed.

For further information, or if you have any queries on this subject please get in touch with our Technical department.

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